(a)   No person shall keep a barn, stable or enclosure for any livestock within the City without having first obtained a permit from the Inspections Chief. Such permit shall contain the name, age, breed, description and any special markings peculiar to such livestock.
   (b)   No permit shall be issued by the Inspections Chief for any livestock unless the following conditions are met:
      (1)   The sublot or parcel of real property upon which such livestock is kept or harbored shall be not less than one acre in size for each such livestock.
      (2)   If such livestock is kept or harbored upon property not owned by the owner of such livestock, no permit shall be issued until there has been filed with the Inspections Chief the written consent of the owner of the sublot or parcel of property upon which such livestock shall be kept or harbored.
      (3)   A stable, barn or enclosure shall be required for the keeping or harboring of livestock. Such stable, barn or enclosure shall meet the requirement of the building and zoning laws and shall be kept in a sanitary condition, and shall not be nearer than 100 feet to a street or any property line or municipal boundary line, nor nearer than 100 feet to any dwelling.
      (4)   Nondomesticated livestock shall not be permitted unless the permit applicant demonstrates to the satisfaction of the Inspections Chief that:
         A.   All reasonable precautions have been taken to securely cage or enclose the livestock and prevent the livestock from running at large; and
         B.   Such livestock will not present a threat to the public peace, health and safety if the livestock escapes its cage or enclosure,
   (c)   The fee for any livestock permit shall be fifteen dollars ($15.00) each for any calendar year or part thereof.
(Ord. 10-86. Passed 5-19-86; Ord. 13-17. Passed 6-19-17.)