(A)   City Magistrate. Council shall appoint a presiding Magistrate Judge who shall serve as an officer of the city per § 33.01. The Magistrate Judge shall serve a two-year term.
   (B)   Assistant City Magistrate. Council may appoint Assistant Magistrate Judges to conduct matters of the Magistrate Court. Assistant Magistrates shall serve a two-year term. The presiding Magistrate Judge will determine how to utilize the services of Assistant Magistrate Judges.
   (C)   Powers and duties of City Magistrate. The City Magistrate shall:
      (1)   Conduct matters of the court consistent with authority granted by the State Supreme Court, the State Constitution, state statutes, rulings of the State Supreme Court and courts of appeals, rules and regulations promulgated by state authorities, the city code and city ordinances;
      (2)   Keep a docket memorializing each action and the proceedings of the court therein;
      (3)   Receive all bonds, bails, fines, restitution, surcharges, fees and other monies as provided by law;
      (4)   Remit all fees, fines, restitution, surcharges and other monies collected by the court to the City Finance Department for distribution to state and county agencies; and
      (5)   Submit a monthly financial report to the Council summarizing the court’s collections for that month.
(1976 Code, § 5-2)  (Ord. 619-14, passed 9-24-2014)