§ 33.21  CITY CLERK.
   (A)   Appointment. The City Clerk and ex officio treasurer shall be appointed by the Council and serve at the pleasure of the Council subject to removal as provided by state statutes or otherwise provided for by an employment agreement.
   (B)   Bond. Before entering upon his or her duties of office, the City Clerk shall execute a bond in such amount as is provided by statute and the Council, conditioned upon faithful performance of his or her duties.
   (C)   Records. The Clerk shall keep a true and correct record of all business transacted by the Council and any other records that either pertain to the business of the city or that the Council directs. The Clerk shall number, plainly label and file separately in a suitable cabinet all resolutions, notices, deeds, surveys, leases, paid and unpaid vouchers, inventories, letters, orders and other documents of whatever nature. The City Clerk shall seal and attest all deeds, contracts, ordinances and resolutions of the city and all licenses, permits and such other documents as shall require this formality. The Clerk shall be custodian of the city seal and shall affix its impression on documents whenever this is required.
   (D)   Public inspection of records. The Clerk shall keep convenient for public inspection all public records and public documents under his or her control, as provided by state statute. The Clerk shall be the custodian of all documents belonging to the city which are not assigned to the custody of some other officer.
   (E)   Monthly reports. The Clerk shall prepare and collect from city officers and employees such monthly reports prepared in such manner and to include such information as may be directed by the Council.
   (F)   Minutes. The Clerk shall prepare or cause to be prepared all minutes of Council proceedings and insure their correctness and accuracy.
   (G)   Ordinances, resolutions, budgets and notices. The Clerk shall process, record, file, publish and, if required by state statute, post all ordinances, resolutions, budgets and notices that may be passed by the Council or are required by statute or ordinance.
   (H)   Election official. The Clerk shall be the city election official and perform those duties required by statute.
   (I)   Licenses. Upon approval of the license application by the City Manager or his or her designated representative, the Clerk shall issue or cause to be issued all licenses that may be prescribed by state statute or this code.
   (J)   Administrative duties. The Clerk shall perform those administrative responsibilities and duties that are conferred upon him or her by the Council in addition to those specified in this code.
(1976 Code, § 3-2-2)  (Ord. 151, passed 12-12-1985)