All activities conducted pursuant to a permit required hereby shall be conducted in accordance with the following minimum standards.
   (A)   To qualify as a permittee, the permittee must demonstrate to the satisfaction of the approving agency that he or she has sufficient experience in the proposed activity to properly conduct such activity.
   (B)   The permittee shall, prior to exercising the privileges of the permit, and during the term of his or her permit, be current on state, federal and local licenses required at each phase of his activity and comply at all time during the term of the permit with all state, federal and local laws and regulations.
   (C)   The permittee, prior to entering the premises, shall provide the city with a minimum of $1,000,000 single limit bodily injury and property damages liability insurance on said premises in companies satisfactory to the city. The city shall be named “additional insured” and provided with a copy of the additional insured endorsement for any and all policies. The city shall be given at least ten days’ prior written notice of policy alterations, cancellations or deletions.
   (D)   The permittee, upon the execution of the permit agreement and prior to entering the premises, shall supply the city with a performance bond conditioned upon faithful and true performance, observation and compliance with all the terms, conditions and provisions of the permit and this subchapter. The performance bond shall be not less than $10,000.
   (E)   No permit granted hereunder shall be valid for a term other than as specified in the permit. The approving officer shall establish the hours, days and location of the activity.
   (F)   Each permittee shall be responsible for and pay for all utility services provided to the premises.
   (G)   Each permittee shall be responsible for the maintenance of the premises and all improvements thereon to the satisfaction of the city, returning the premises to the city in as neat and clean condition as when obtained by the permittee. Said cleaning to be complete within 24 hours of the completion of the activity.
   (H)   The permittee shall provide such sanitary facilities for the public as required to handle the anticipated crowd in compliance with applicable health and sanitary codes.
   (I)   The permit may contain such additional conditions as are reasonably consistent with protection and use of city property for the purposes for which it is maintained. It may also contain reasonable limitations on the time and area within which the activity is permitted.
   (J)   The city reserves the right to waive any or all minimum standards contained herein for activities conducted solely by non-profit organizations as defined by I.R.C. § 501.
(1976 Code, § 3-8-4)