(A)   Shared mobility vehicles are prohibited in the City of Page. For the purposes of this section, shared mobility vehicles are defined as any two-wheeled device that:
      (1)   Is rendered operable or inoperable via a point-of-sale terminal or an on-demand portal, whether through a smartphone application, membership card, or similar method;
      (2)   Is made available by a private entity that owns, manages, or maintains devices for shared use by members of the public; and
      (3)   Is available to members of the public in unstaffed, self-service locations.
   (B)   Each day that a violation of this section continues shall constitute a separate offense. A fine may be imposed for each shared mobility vehicle and for each day that the shared mobility vehicle(s) is or are distributed, operated, used, rented, or furnished in violation of this section.
(Ord. 680-21, passed 3-24-2021)