(A)   Any surplus personal property may be disposed of by the City Manager, or authorized designee, in the best interest of the city as follows:
      (1)   Sold at auction;
      (2)   Property may traded for credit against new purchases;
      (3)   Establish the fair market value and sell the property through advertisement; or
      (4)   Contact persons dealing in the property for consignment consideration or other interested persons and take written offers, disposing of the property to the person making the most advantageous offer.
   (B)   Any property that is disposed of that has a value of more than $2,500 shall be reported to the Council.
   (C)   No individual, city employee, elected or appointed official, city office or agency shall sell, transfer, trade in, condemn, or otherwise dispose of any city personal property without authorization from the City Manager.
   (D)   Any disposal of surplus personal property by Page Utility Enterprises shall follow the same requirements as those set forth in divisions (A) through (C) above, except that the "City Manager" will be replaced by the "Utilities General Manager" and the "City Council" will be replaced by the "Page Utilities Board."
(Ord. 655-19, passed 2-13-2019; Ord. 679-21, passed 3-24-2021)