(A)   It is the policy of the city that public land or buildings shall be leased in a way that maximizes the value of city assets, promotes activities and uses that are in the overall best interest of the city, and are consistent with the General Plan. The Council may lease any land or buildings now or hereafter owned by the city on such terms and conditions, including an option to purchase, as the Council may prescribe by public auction, sealed bids or negotiation. All leases made pursuant to public auction or sealed bids shall be made to the highest responsible bidder at the highest rental bid, after notice thereof in accordance with § 32.036(B), stating explicitly the time and conditions of the proposed lease. The Council may, in its discretion, reject any and all bids.
   (B)   All leases made pursuant to negotiation shall be approved by resolution of the Council, unless otherwise specified herein. Prior to the approval and execution of such a lease, the Council shall publish in a paper of general circulation in the city, a notice of intent to lease city property once each week for two consecutive weeks if in a weekly paper, with not less than six days intervening between the first and last publication and if in a daily paper, four consecutive times. The City Clerk shall also post a copy of the notice in at least three public places in the city. The notice shall, at a minimum, contain the names of the parties to the proposed lease, a general description and address of the property to be leased, the proposed use of the property, the term of the lease and the rental amount of the proposed lease. The cost of publication shall be paid by the proposed tenant of the lease. Airport hangar leases, leases based upon a fee schedule adopted by the Council, and leases of nominal value, which shall be deemed leases of less than $2,000 of annual lease revenue, are exempt from the publication requirements. Leases with only one interested party that are based upon a published fee schedule adopted by Council may be approved the City Manager.
   (C)   In the event the city receives a written objection to the award of a negotiated lease, within the publication period, the proposed lease shall be abated until further negotiations or a public auction has been completed. All notices of intent to lease shall contain the information regarding written objections and the manner therefor.
(1976 Code, § 3-5-5)  (Ord. 183-87, passed - -; Ord. 626-15, passed 10-28-2015; Ord. 655-19, passed 2-13-2019)