§ 32.018  BIDDING.
    The purchasing agent and all parties contracting with the city shall follow the procedure hereinafter set forth in relation to all bids required under § 32.015(B) and (C).
   (A)   All notices and solicitation of bids shall state the time and place for opening.
   (B)   All bids shall be submitted sealed to the purchasing agent and shall be identified as bids on the envelope.
   (C)   All bids shall be opened in public at the time and place stated in the public notices.
   (D)   A modification or withdrawal of a bid must be received before the time and date set for bid opening in the location designated for receipt of bids.
   (E)   After the bid opening, a mistake may not be corrected or withdrawal allowed except:
      (1)   In the case of a mathematical error, the unit cost shall prevail and any correction(s) required due to that error shall be done by the city;
      (2)   The bid may not be withdrawn and shall be corrected to the intended bid only if a bid mistake and the intended bid are evident on the face of the bid, as determined solely by the city; and
      (3)   The city may permit a respondent to withdraw a response if the respondent establishes by clear and convincing evidence that a mistake was made and the intended bid is not clear, or that the bid is so low that the contract cannot be completed and its enforcement would be unconscionable.
   (F)   The purchasing agent shall have the authority to reject any and all bids and parts of all bids and re-advertise or re-solicit bids.
(1976 Code, § 3-4-3)  (Ord. 653-19, passed 2-13-2019)