The Zoning Administrator shall have the following remedies and powers to enforce this code:
   (A)   Deny or withhold entitlements. The city may deny or withhold all permits, certificates or other forms of authorization on any land or structure or improvements thereon upon which there is an uncorrected violation of a provision of this chapter or of a condition or qualification of a permit, certificate, approval, or other authorization previously granted by the city. This enforcement provision shall apply regardless of whether the current owner or applicant is responsible for the violation in question.
   (B)   Entitlement approved with conditions. Instead of withholding or denying a permit or authorization (as described in division (A), above) the city may grant such authorization subject to the condition that the violation be corrected.
   (C)   Revoke entitlements.  
      (1)   Any development permit or other form of authorization required under this chapter may be revoked when the Zoning Administrator determines:
         (a)   That there is departure from the plans, specifications, or conditions as required under terms of the permit;
         (b)   That the development permit was procured by false representation or was issued by mistake; or
         (c)   That any of the provisions of this chapter are being violated.
      (2)   Written notice of such revocation shall be served upon the owner, the owner's agent or contract, or upon any person employed on the building or structure for which such permit was issued, or shall be posted in a prominent location; and, thereafter, no such construction shall proceed.
   (D)   Stop work. With or without revoking permits, the Zoning Administrator may stop work on any building or structure on any land on which there is an uncorrected violation of a provision of this chapter or of a permit or other form of authorization issued hereunder, in accordance with the city's power to stop work under its building codes. A stop-work procedure is as follows:
      (1)   The stop-work order shall be in writing and directed both to the permit holder and the person doing the work, and shall specify the provisions of this code or other law allegedly in violation. After any such order has been served, no work shall proceed on any building, structure, or tract of land covered by such order, except to correct such violation or comply with the order.
      (2)   Once conditions for resumption of the work have been met, the Zoning Administrator shall rescind the stop-work order.
   (E)   Abatement. The city may commence an action to abate a violation of the zoning code pursuant to A.R.S § 9-499.
   (F)   Other remedies. The city shall have such other remedies as are and as may be from time to time provided by Arizona law for the violation of zoning or related ordinance provisions.
(Ord. 648-18, passed 11-28-2018)