(A)   No person shall develop or use any land, building, or structure within the city in violation of this code, regulations authorized under this code, or the terms and conditions of permits or other approvals or entitlements issued under this code.
   (B)   No permit or approval may be issued under this code unless all structures and uses of land and structures to be authorized by the permit or approval conform to this code, regulations promulgated under this code, and the terms and conditions of other applicable permits and approvals issued under this code. Except as otherwise required by Arizona law, any permit issued or administrative approval granted in conflict with this zoning chapter is void.
   (C)   Any person who participates in, assists, directs, creates, or maintains any situation that is contrary to the requirements of this code may be held responsible for the violation and suffer the penalties and be subject to the remedies provided in this code.
   (D)   Each day any violation of any provision of this code, or the failure to perform any act or duty required by this code, continues shall constitute a separate offense.
(Ord. 648-18, passed 11-28-2018)