§ 31.60  PERSONNEL.
   (A)   PUE employees shall be considered city employees of a separate division subject to and governed by personnel policies of PUE, provided such policies receive Council approval.
   (B)   Employment benefits of PUE employees may differ from employment benefits available to city employees. The Utilities General Manager has authority to determine the number, qualifications, salaries and benefits of all PUE employees subject to the approval of the PUE Board and City Council. Expenditures on personnel and employee related expenses shall remain within the limits of the annual PUE budget approved by Council.
   (C)   The Utilities General Manager shall have authority to hire and terminate PUE employees in accordance with PUE personnel policies. PUE employee sanctions, including termination, may be appealed in the same manner as for other city employees, except that the Utilities General Manager shall be substituted for the City Manager in all respects. The City Director of Human Resources shall be available to PUE for guidance and direction on all PUE employment related issues.
(1976 Code, § 2-8-5)  (Ord. 588-12, passed 5-9-2012)