(A)   Lobbying efforts by any advisory board or commission member on legislative or political matters should contact the City Manager to check for consistency with city policy. In the event a position is taken that differs from that of the city’s policy, an advisory board or commission cannot represent that position publicly or before another body, for example, the state legislature or the County Board of Supervisors.
   (B)   An advisory board or commission member is free to communicate positions to the City Council on matters pertaining to the body’s purpose and function.
   (C)   A member of the advisory board or commission is not authorized to speak for the board or commission, unless the Board has expressly authorized the member’s communication.
   (D)   An individual member is free to voice a position, oral or written, on any issue as long as it is made clear that the member is not speaking as a representative of the city, or as a member of an advisory board or commission.
(1976 Code, § 15-1-8)