(A)   Authority to establish. The City Council establishes or continues the following boards and commissions to advise the Council with respect to municipal functions and activities and to investigate subjects of interest to the city.
   (B)   How established. A board or commission may be established by a majority vote of the Council. An ordinance shall be adopted prescribing the purpose, duties and composition of the board or commission.
   (C)   Applicability. All boards and commissions established by the City Council shall be subject to the provisions of this chapter, unless a specific requirement or condition is imposed by the city ordinance or state law.
   (D)   Purposes and duties generally. All boards and commissions established by the Council shall be advisory to the Council and shall have the responsibility to:
      (1)   Investigate matters within the scope of the particular board or commission or as specifically directed by the Council;
      (2)   Advise the Council by communicating the viewpoint or advice of the board or commission;
      (3)   At the direction of the Council, hold hearings, receive evidence, conduct investigations and, on the basis of such hearings, evidence and investigations, make decisions and recommendations to the Council; and
      (4)   Advisory role. A board or commission established by the Council shall not assume the role of an administrative or legislative body, except as otherwise provided for in city code or ordinances.
(1976 Code, § 15-1-1)