§ 30.054  AGENDA.
   (A)   Notice.The City Clerk shall give notice of each meeting of the Council to whom and in the manner as prescribed in the state statutes. The agenda shall be considered a part of all notice of Council meetings. The City Council may instruct the City Clerk to give any other notice that it deems necessary.
   (B)   Preparation. The City Clerk shall finalize the agenda not later than Friday prior to the regular Council meeting, including all backup material that has been received. Copies of the agenda, including backup material, shall be posted and distributed in accordance with law. Special meetings called under § 30.051 need not follow this outline, however, notice thereof shall be given in a manner consistent with state law.
   (C)   Additions. Additions may be made to the agenda after the deadlines set by division (B) above by the City Manager or any member of City Council.
(1976 Code, § 2-4-5)  (Ord. 77, passed 11-23-1982; Ord. 110, passed 5-22-1984; Ord. 654-19, passed 1-23-2019)