§ 151.07  SAFETY.
   (A)   Grounding/bonding during fuel handling. Vehicles being fueled/de-fueled shall be electrically grounded/bonded to the fuel dispensing vehicle or draining apparatus.
   (B)   Fueling or de-fueling. No aircraft shall be fueled or de-fueled except by an authorized commercial operator designated by the Airport Director; except that the aircraft owner, operator or pilot may fuel/de-fuel his or her own aircraft. Aircraft may not be fueled or de-fueled inside any hangar.
   (C)   Removal of fuel, oil, grease; care of surface areas. Users shall not permit fuel, oil, grease, battery acid or any other hazardous material to contact airport surface areas. Users must immediately remove any hazardous substance contacting the airport surface and, if unable or required by law, contact the Airport Director, fixed base operator, City Fire Department, State Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ), or Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Any costs incurred by the city or other authorities shall be the responsibility of user.
   (D)   Permissible storage of lubricating oils and fuels. The City Fire Department will determine the amount and type of storable oils and fuels permitted in buildings at the airport per the National Fire Protection Association. The Airport Director shall have the authority to enforce the limitations. These quantities shall be clearly posted and given to all airport tenants.
   (E)   Washing and maintaining aircraft. Washing, degreasing or other maintenance of aircraft shall be conducted only in areas designated by the Airport Director. Washing and degreasing areas shall be clearly posted. The owner/lessee/operator of an aircraft may perform maintenance in his or her or its own hangar at his or her sole discretion. He or she may hire, at his or her sole discretion, any person of his or her or its choice to assist/perform such maintenance.
   (F)   Fueling of non-aeronautical vehicles. Non-aeronautical vehicles may be fueled by fixed base operators on non-secured airport premises subject to a fueling policy established by the City Manager.
(1976 Code, § 14-7)  (Ord. 552-09, passed 10-22-2009; Ord. 559-10, passed 5-27-2010)