(A)   Aircraft patterns. Aircraft using Runway 33 shall use right-hand traffic patterns. Aircraft using Runway 15 shall use left-hand traffic patterns. Aircraft using Runway 25 shall use right-hand traffic patterns. Aircraft using Runway 7 shall use left-hand traffic patterns. All aircraft must comply with all FAA regulations when entering and exiting the traffic pattern. Rotor wing aircraft may utilize traffic patterns authorized by Federal Aviation Regulations.
   (B)   Aircraft taxi. Aircrafts shall taxi at speeds reasonable and prudent to ensure complete control at all times. Aircrafts shall taxi only on taxiways and ramps utilizing designated yellow striping. Aircrafts shall not be taxied into or out of hangars or in other areas which will subject other aircraft to unnecessary prop or jet blast. Aircraft shall not be taxied on white striped areas designated as ground vehicle roadways or pedestrian ways. Helicopters shall avoid flight over fixed wing aircraft, parked fuel trucks, pedestrians and airline security areas.
   (C)   Aircraft communication. All aircrafts with radios shall announce intentions on the appropriate CTAF or Unicom frequency prior to taxi and take-off, while entering or exiting the traffic pattern, or as is otherwise necessary to ensure the safety of airport users.
   (D)   Aircraft tie-down. Users shall not leave light aircraft unattended unless tied down securely with chain or rope in a designated tie-down area. The setting of chocks and/or brakes will not satisfy this requirement for light aircraft without the permission of the Airport Director. For larger aircrafts over 12,500 pounds maximum gross weight-chocking of the main wheels will suffice.
   (E)   Aircraft disabled. Disabled aircrafts shall be promptly removed or relocated from airport movement areas by the user unless otherwise directed by the Airport Director, National Transportation Safety Board or Federal Aviation Administration. Users may be charged a reasonable fee for service costs incurred in removing disabled aircraft.
(1976 Code, § 14-5)  (Ord. 552-09, passed 10-22-2009)