(A)   Authority to close the airport; prohibit or restrict vehicle movement. The Airport Director may prohibit vehicles from driving, taxiing, relocating, landing, taking off or otherwise using the airport during an airport emergency (see § 151.02(B)) or when such activities are likely to endanger users or property.
   (B)   Compliance with FAA rules and regulations. Users shall not control any aircraft or conduct any aircraft operation at the airport in violation of any Federal Aviation Administration rule or regulation.
   (C)   Negligent operations prohibited; promulgation of operating procedures. No aircraft shall be operated on or over the airport in a careless or negligent manner, in violation of any federal, state or municipal law, or in disregard to the rights and safety of others. The Airport Director may develop recommended operating procedures that address safety and incursion issues for review by the Airport Board and possible approval by the City Council.
   (D)   Agricultural aircraft operation. Agricultural aircrafts may land and take off for the purpose of procuring services offered by fixed based operators. Agricultural aircraft spray operations shall not be flown, facilitated or conducted at the airport without the expressed written approval of the airport manager. Storage of agricultural chemicals, pesticides or herbicides is prohibited without the prior permission of the Airport Director. All agricultural planes must be washed in designated areas and be free of all chemical residues before tying down at the airport. Agricultural aircrafts may be restricted to a specific tie down area as designated by the Airport Director.
   (E)   Exiting landing runway. Aircraft landing at the airport shall make the landing runway available to others by exiting the runway environment to appropriate holding or taxiways as soon as safely practical.
   (F)   Experimental flights; demonstrations; aerobatics. Experimental flights shall be conducted in accordance with FAA regulations. Ground demonstrations shall be conducted in accordance with FAA regulations. Aerobatic flights over the airport are prohibited without the written approval of the Airport Director.
(1976 Code, § 14-4)  (Ord. 552-09, passed 10-22-2009)  Penalty, see § 10.99