The powers and duties of the Mayor shall include the following:
   (A)   He or she shall be the chief executive officer of the city;
   (B)   He or she shall be the Chairperson of the Council and preside over its meetings. He or she may make and second motions and shall have a voice and vote in all its proceedings;
   (C)   He or she shall execute and authenticate by his or her signature such instruments as the Council, or any statutes, ordinances or this code shall require;
   (D)   He or she shall make such recommendations and suggestions to the Council as he or she may consider proper;
   (E)   He or she shall take command of the police force of the city and govern by proclamation in the event of the threat of or occurrence of acts of natural disaster, riot, rout or affray sufficient to constitute great danger to the city and its residents.
      (1)   In such areas of the city as shall be designated by the Mayor by proclamation under the conditions set forth in this section, and within the area within all or any part of the city so designated by the Mayor, a curfew shall be in effect the hours of each day designated in the proclamation, and all persons living or residing within any such designated area shall go immediately to their homes, and remain there until the curfew is lifted by order of the Mayor, and all other persons not residing within the designated area shall immediately leave.
      (2)   During the imposition of any curfew as set forth in this section, all business establishments in the designated curfew area having on their premises intoxicating beverages shall be closed during the state of emergency and until the curfew is lifted.
   (F)   He or she shall perform such other duties required by state statute and this code as well as those duties required as chief executive officer of the city.
(1976 Code, § 2-2-5)