(A)   The certain code entitled “National Electrical Code”, 2017 edition, and annexes A, B, C, D, and E contained therein, published by the National Electrical Code Committee, is hereby adopted as the “Electric Code of the City of Page” and made a part of this chapter the same as though said codes were specifically set forth in full herein and a copy of said code shall be on file with the office of the City Building Department and kept available for public use and inspection within City Hall. Administration, § 80.19 (E) entitled “Fees” shall be as follows: For the issuance of each electrical permit: $27 for the first $500, plus $3.75 for each additional $1,000 of valuation of construction costs.
   (B)   Other inspections and fees: re-inspection fees and inspections outside of normal business hours at the rate of $54 per hour or portion thereof.
   (C)   Section 210.12 AFCI Protection in Group R3 amended as follows: branch circuits that supply 120-volt, single-phase, and 15 and 20-ampere outlets in bedrooms, sleeping rooms, and similar rooms shall be protected by any of the following [... ].
(1976 Code, § 7-2)  (Ord. 543-09, passed 1-22-2009; Ord. 665-19, passed 12-11-2019)