(A)   An automatic sprinkler system shall be installed throughout all buildings 4,000 square feet or greater in total area. For the purpose of this item, fire resistant walls and barriers shall not define separate buildings.
   (B)   An addition to any existing non-sprinklered building or structure which expands the total area to 4,000 square feet or greater shall contain an automatic sprinkler system.
   (C)   With the exception of special hazard areas as approved by the Fire Chief, if any fire area in a building or structure is provided with fire sprinklers, whether required or not, all fire areas in the building or structure shall be provided with fire sprinklers.
   (D)   All buildings requiring an exterior lock box for fire department access shall install a KNOX BOX in an approved location or locations. Existing buildings shall have up to five years to comply with this requirement upon approval of the Fire Chief.
(1976 Code, § 4-3-4)  (Ord. 548-09, passed 6-11-2009; Ord. 666-19, passed 12-11-2019)