§ 90.04  CATS.
   (A)   Public nuisance. An owner of a cat shall not permit the cat to be a public nuisance pursuant to § 90.01. It is also unlawful for the owner to cause or permit the cat to stray or in any manner be at large while in estrus.
   (B)   Vaccinations. Owners shall have cats vaccinated for rabies and shall upon request of the Animal Control Officer present a rabies vaccination certificate signed by a veterinarian stating the date of vaccination, type and manufacturer and serial number of the vaccine and date re-vaccination is due.
   (C)   Owner liability. The Animal Control Officer shall apprehend and impound any cat found to be a public nuisance, injury to any person(s) or damage to any property by a cat shall be the full responsibility of the owner of the cat at the time the injuries occurred.
(1976 Code, § 6-4)  Penalty, see § 10.99