§ 90.03  DOGS.
   (A)   Licenses and tags.
      (1)   All dogs kept within the city must be licensed. The City Police Department, upon payment of a license fee, shall issue a dog license. Multiple year licenses may be issued not to exceed the expiration of the existing rabies vaccination. The owner shall state at the time of application the owner(s) name and address and the name, breed, color and sex of each dog owned or kept. All fees subject of this section shall be set by resolution of the Mayor and City Council.
      (2)   An owner shall obtain a dog license within 30 days of acquiring the animal. Any animal not properly licensed shall be subject to an animal violation citation and impoundment.
      (3)   Any dog licensed shall receive a tag issued by the Police Department. The tag shall be attached by the owner to a collar or harness that shall be worn by the dog at all times. When a dog tag is lost, a duplicate tag shall be issued upon application by the owner and payment of a fee. Any dog not wearing a dog tag shall be subject to an animal violation citation and impoundment.
      (4)   It is unlawful to counterfeit a dog tag, remove the tag from any dog without the permission of the owner, or to place a dog tag upon a dog other than the licensed animal.
      (5)   When the ownership of a dog has been changed, the new owner must secure a new license as required by this chapter.
      (6)   The Animal Control Officer shall impound any dog found without a current license or tag.
   (B)   Vaccinations required.
      (1)   Before a license is issued for any dog, the owner must present a rabies vaccination certificate signed by a veterinarian, stating the owner’s name and address and giving the dog(s) description, date of vaccination, type and manufacturer, and serial number of the vaccine and date revaccination is due. Upon re-vaccination, a duplicate certificate shall be transmitted to the City Police Department within 30 days. A dog shall not be licensed unless it is vaccinated in accordance with the provisions of this chapter.
      (2)   If an impounded dog is found to be without current vaccination, the Animal Control Officer is authorized to condition release on confirmation that the dog will be vaccinated. Any dog without a current vaccination shall be subject to an animal violation citation.
   (C)   Barking dogs; dogs at large; public nuisance. An owner of a dog shall not permit the dog to bark, run at large or otherwise be a public nuisance as defined by § 90.01.
   (D)   Owner liability. Injury to any person(s) or damage to any property shall be the responsibility of the owner for which the Magistrate Court may require payment of restitution in addition to citation fees.
   (E)   Leash requirements. Dogs shall at all times, without exception, be tethered and immediately controlled by a leash when at large off the owner’s premises. This section specifically intends to prohibit an owner from being in the vicinity of an animal with a leash in the owner’s possession but not tethered to the animal.
(1976 Code, § 6-3)  Penalty, see § 10.99