(A)   The city has the exclusive right to engage in or authorize third parties to conduct the business of collection and disposing of all trash, rubbish or garbage, including recyclable and/or hazardous materials, for compensation within the city limits of the city, except as provided by in state law. The City Council shall prescribe rules and regulations, which may include licensing requirements, governing the collection, disposal and hauling of refuse, recyclable materials and other waste management services by qualified and experienced private companies.
   (B)   It shall be unlawful for any person to haul or cause to be hauled on or along any public street or right-of-way in the city any trash, rubbish or garbage, including recyclable and/or hazardous material, for compensation in violation of this code, applicable state or federal law, or rules established by the city.
   (C)   Except that nothing in this chapter shall be interpreted to prohibit construction contractors, subcontractors or property owners from proper construction site cleanup and disposal at a proper landfill or “construction debris” as currently defined by A.R.S. § 49-701.
(1976 Code, § 9-2-1)  (Ord. 615-14, passed 7-9-2014)  Penalty, see § 10.99