It is the duty of the Police Department, under the direction of the Chief of Police, to:
   (A)   Enforce this code and the statutes of the state within jurisdictional limits as conferred by law and to arrest and charge the violators thereof;
   (B)   Take charge of the city jail and all prisoners confined therein, and all those who are sentenced to labor on the streets or public works of the city, and to see that orders and sentences with reference to such are fully executed and complied with;
   (C)   Deliver any persons who may be confined in the jail upon conviction of a crime committed under the jurisdiction of the Magistrate’s Court to any authorized officer of the city who shall at any time demand such prisoners. Any such authorized person so demanding and receiving such prisoners shall work such prisoners on the streets or alleys of the city or on any and all authorized work as may be determined by the Council;
   (D)   Render such account of the Police Department, its duties and receipts as may be required by the Manager, and keep records of the office open to inspection by the Manager at any time;
   (E)   Direct traffic and ensure the orderly flow thereof and investigate and make reports of traffic accidents;
   (F)   Inspect and ascertain the condition of traffic control devices of every description which have been erected within the city on the authority of the Council and to notify the Council of any defects found therein;
   (G)   Perform such additional duties as may be required by the Manager; and
   (H)   Collect the following fees: work furlough fees for those prisoners incarcerated on a part-time basis and are otherwise employed in the community as provided by A.R.S. §§ 31-332 et seq. Boarding fees to be assessed upon jurisdictions other than the city for the keeping of prisoners in the city detention facility and any person serving any term of confinement in the city detention facility that was not sentenced by the City Magistrate Court. Any additional boarding fees assessed to the city by other jurisdictions when said prisoner serves time in said foreign jurisdiction.
(1976 Code, § 4-1-5)  (Ord. 328-96, passed - -)