Except as provided in section 16-469, ("Fire Safety Exception to Setback Requirements for Accessory Dwelling Units"), type 6 multi-family accessory dwelling units shall meet or exceed all of the following standards:
   (A)   Conversion of multi-family non-habitable areas - Existing non-habitable spaces within a multifamily residential structure such as storage, passageway, attics, or garages may be converted to one or more accessory dwelling units.
   (B)   Detached - No more than two detached accessory dwelling units are allowed in a legal multi-family structure within the same project area and lot that are either converted existing non- habitable space and/or new construction.
   (C)   Maximum allowed - The sum of accessory dwelling units that are conversions of non- habitable area (A) and/or detached structures (B) shall not exceed 25% of the pre-existing total legal multifamily dwelling units within the same project area and on the lot.
   (D)   Junior accessory dwelling units are not allowed in multi-family structures.
   (E)   Residentially zoned - Accessory dwelling units are allowed in legal multifamily structures in the following zones: R-1, R-1-PD, R-1-7-PD, R-10-PD, R-1-8-PD ("Single-Family"); R-2, R-2-PD ("Multiple-Family"); R-3, R-3-PD ("Medium Density Residential"); and R-4 ("Medium-High Residential Density").
   (F)   Commercial and mixed use zoned - Accessory dwelling units are allowed in the following zones if the lot is developed with one legal multi-family structure: C-1 ("Neighborhood Shopping Center"), C-2 ("General Commercial"); DT-E ("Downtown Edge"), DT-C ("Downtown Core"), and DT-G ("Downtown General").
   (G)   Minimum gross floor area - 220 square feet for two persons consistent with Cal. Health & Safety Code Section 17958.1.
   (H)   Maximum gross floor area - Permissible floor area shall not exceed 1,200 gross square feet.
   (I)   Entrance location and lighting - An accessory dwelling unit entrance shall not open into a drive aisle or parking space or otherwise place the resident in a vehicular path of travel, and shall have outdoor lighting and a safe and clear pedestrian path to the primary unit's public street frontage to the satisfaction of the director.
(Ord. No. 2984)