(A)   The provisions of this chapter shall not be construed to limit the power of the city council to impose any other fees or exactions or to continue to impose existing ones on development within the City of Oxnard, but shall be in addition to any other fees, exactions or other requirements that the city is authorized to impose, or has previously imposed, as a condition of approving plans, rezoning or other entitlements within the City of Oxnard pursuant to State and local laws. In particular, individual property owners shall remain obligated to fund, construct, and/or dedicate the improvements, public facilities and/or pay other exactions authorized or required by, but not limited to: (1) the City of Oxnard public works department improvement standards; (2) school impact fees (Cal. Gov’t Code, Sections 65970 et seq.) and implementing ordinances. Any credits or repayments pursuant to section 15-178 shall not include credits or repayment for the funding, construction or dedications described in this section.
   (B)   The construction of facilities by a private owner pursuant to section 15-178 shall be performed and contracted for only as required by law, including, but not limited to, compliance with the city’s improvement standards and requirements for public works projects, if applicable to the particular facility.
(Ord. No. 2979)