SEC. 16-671.2.  VIOLATIONS.
   Each of the following acts or omissions related to the operation or use of a homeshare or vacation rental is unlawful and constitutes a violation of this article. Owners are jointly and severally responsible and liable, along with any other responsible person, for each violation committed with respect to their homeshare or vacation rental. Each day a violation occurs constitutes a separate, additional violation:
   (A)   Engaging in an act in violation of the permitting requirement of section 16-663(A);
   (B)   Failure to comply with an operational standard of section 16-667;
   (C)   Failure to comply with a property management requirement of section 16-668;
   (D)   Failure to comply with the complaint investigation, resolution and/or reporting requirements of section 16-669.1; and
   (E)   Failure to timely remit to the city any cost or fee pursuant to this article.
(Ord. No. 2969)