(A)   Vacation rental overnight occupancy shall be limited to a maximum of two persons per bedroom occupying up to five bedrooms, plus two additional persons, up to a maximum of ten persons.
   (B)   Homeshares shall have a maximum of two bedrooms available for rental. Overnight occupancy shall be limited to a maximum of five rental guests.
   (C)   Inclusive of the owner(s) in the case of homeshares, the maximum number of total persons allowed on the property at any time shall not exceed the maximum overnight occupancy plus six additional persons. No person who is not staying overnight at the homeshare or vacation rental shall be on the property during the quiet hours stated in section 16-667.4(B).
   (D)   Homeshares and vacation rentals shall not be rented to more than one group at a time; no more than one rental agreement shall be effective for any given date.
   (E)   The primary occupant of a vacation rental shall be an adult 21 years of age or older. The primary occupant shall be legally responsible for compliance of all occupants of the unit and/or their guests with all provisions of this article and/or this code.
(Ord. No. 2969)