(A)   Except as expressly authorized by this article, no dwelling, property or any portion thereof shall be rented for a term of less than 30 consecutive days. Renting for less than 30 days pursuant to a purported longer-term lease or by other means intended to evade compliance with this article is prohibited.
   (B)   A valid permit issued by the city pursuant to this article is required in order for any person that seeks or receives any rent, payment, fee, commission or compensation in any form, to rent, offer for rent, advertise for rent, or facilitate the rental of a homeshare or vacation rental. For purposes of this article, the owner of a dwelling unit that is subject to the Vacation Ownership and Time-share Act of 2004 must obtain a valid permit issued by the city pursuant to this article for the rental of the dwelling unit for non-timeshare purposes for a period of less than 30 days.
   (C)   A short-term rental permit authorizing a vacation rental or homestay shall be issued or renewed by the community development director, or designee if the following minimum findings are met.
      (1)   The property is compliant with all State and local codes.
      (2)   The property complies with the requirements in this article.
      (3)   There is no substantial evidence of nuisance behavior from the location.
      (4)   Issuance of the permit will not exceed the neighborhood cap pursuant to section 16-662.
   (D)   The community development director shall have the authority to impose additional standards and/or conditions to short-term rental permits as necessary to achieve the objectives of the article.
(Ord. No. 2969)