(A)   A distributor shall not store non-cannabis goods or non-cannabis accessories that are to be sold to another party on any licensed premises. Additionally, a distributor shall not distribute non-cannabis goods or non-cannabis accessories at a licensed premises. For the purposes of this section, non-cannabis goods are any goods that do not meet the definition of cannabis goods as defined in Cal. Code of Regulations, Title 16, Section 5000.
   (B)   After taking physical possession of a cannabis goods batch, the distributor shall contact a testing laboratory and arrange for a laboratory employee to come to the distributor’s licensed premises to select a representative sample for laboratory testing.
   (C)   A distributor shall ensure that all cannabis goods batches are stored separately and distinctly from other cannabis goods batches on the distributor’s premises.
   (D)   The distributor shall ensure that the batch size from which the sample is taken meets the requirements of State law, specifically the testing provisions within the California Code of Regulations.
   (E)   A distributor or an employee of the distributor shall be physically present to observe the laboratory employee obtain the sample of cannabis goods for testing and shall ensure that the increments are taken from throughout the batch. The sampling shall be video-recorded and the recording kept available to State and local authorities for a minimum of 180 days, pursuant to Cal. Code of Regulations, Title 16, Section 5305.
   (F)   A distributor shall not transport cannabis or cannabis products to a licensed retail facility until and unless it has verified that the cannabis or cannabis products have been tested and certified by a testing laboratory as being in compliance with state health and safety requirements pursuant to Cal. Code of Regulations, Sections 5705, 5710 and 5714 of Title 16.
   (G)   Approving of distributor shall be through the approval of a development design review (DDR) permit to be issued by the community development director of the City of Oxnard. The appeal of the approval or denial of such permit shall be to the planning commission pursuant to section 11-466.
(Ord. No. 2960, 2965, 2994)