(A)   Each owner and operator of a commercial cannabis business shall maintain accurate books and records in an electronic format, detailing all of the revenues and expenses of the business, and all of its assets and liabilities. On no less than an annual basis (at or before the time of the renewal of a commercial cannabis business permit issued pursuant to this article), or at any time upon reasonable request of the city, each commercial cannabis business shall file a sworn statement detailing the number of sales by the commercial cannabis business during the previous 12-month period (or shorter period based upon the timing of the request), provided on a per-month basis. The statement shall also include gross sales for each month, and all applicable taxes paid or due to be paid. On an annual basis, each owner and operator shall submit to the city a financial audit of the business’s operations conducted by an independent certified public accountant. Each permittee shall be subject to a regulatory compliance review and financial audit as determined by the city manager or his or her designee(s).
   (B)   Each owner and operator of a commercial cannabis business shall maintain a current register of the names and the contact information (including the name, address, and telephone number) of anyone owning or holding an interest in the commercial cannabis business, and separately of all the officers, managers, employees, agents and volunteers currently employed or otherwise engaged by the commercial cannabis business. The register required by this paragraph shall be provided to the city manager or his or her designee(s) upon a reasonable request.
   (C)   All commercial cannabis businesses shall maintain an inventory control and reporting system that accurately documents the present location, amounts, and descriptions of all cannabis and cannabis products for all stages of the growing and production or manufacturing, laboratory testing and distribution processes until purchase as set forth MAUCRSA.
   (D)   Each commercial cannabis business shall allow the city to have access to the businesses books, records, accounts, together with any other data or documents relevant to its permitted commercial cannabis activities, for the purpose of conducting an audit or examination. Books, records, accounts, and any and all relevant data or documents will be produced no later than 24 hours after receipt of the city’s request, unless otherwise stipulated by the city. The city may require the materials to be submitted in an electronic format that is compatible with the city’s software and hardware.
(Ord. No. 2960, 2994)