(A)   The cannabis business tax imposed by this article shall be paid, in arrears, on a quarterly basis. For commercial cannabis cultivation, the tax due for each calendar quarter shall be based on the square footage of the businesses canopy space during the quarter and the rate shall be 25% of the applicable annual rate. For all other cannabis businesses activities, the tax due for each calendar quarter shall be based on the gross receipts for the quarter.
   (B)   Each person owing cannabis business tax for a calendar quarter shall, no later than the last day of the month following the close of the calendar quarter, file with the tax administrator a statement of the tax owed for that calendar quarter and the basis for calculating that tax. The tax administrator may require that the statement be submitted on a form prescribed by the tax administrator. The tax for each calendar quarter shall be due and payable on that same date that the statement for the calendar quarter is due.
   (C)   Upon cessation of a cannabis business, tax statements and payments shall be immediately due for all calendar quarters up to the calendar quarter during which cessation occurred.
   (D)   The tax administrator may, at his or her discretion, establish shorter report and payment periods for any taxpayer as the tax administrator deems necessary to ensure collection of the tax. The tax administrator may also require that a deposit, to be applied against the taxes for a calendar quarter, be made by a taxpayer at the beginning of that calendar quarter. In no event shall the deposit required by the tax administrator exceed the tax amount he or she projects will be owed by the taxpayer for the calendar quarter. The tax administrator may require that a taxpayer make payments via a cashier’s check, money order, wire transfer, or similar instrument.
   (E)   For purposes of this section, the square feet of canopy space for a business shall be rebuttably presumed to be no less than the maximum square footage of canopy allowed by the businesses city permit for commercial cannabis cultivation, or, in the absence of a city permit, the square footage shall be the maximum square footage of canopy for commercial cannabis cultivation allowed by the State license type. In no case shall canopy square footage which is authorized by the permit or license but not utilized for cultivation be excluded from taxation unless the tax administrator is informed in writing, prior to the period for which the space will not be used, that such space will not be used.
(Ord. No. 2962)