(A)   Multifamily - Multifamily affordable residential uses are allowed by right in AAHOP zones if they meet all other applicable requirements of this Division C.
   (B)   Mixed use permissible - AAHOP projects are also permissible if they are constructed in addition to other permitted or conditional uses that are permitted in accordance with the underlying zoning designation.
   (C)   Underlying zoning permissible - As the -AH additive designation does not replace the 2030 general plan land use or underlying zone designations, any proposed use or development other than an all-affordable AAHOP project shall be governed by the 2030 general plan and zone designations and applicable standards and guidelines.
   (D)   Specific plans - To the same extent as required for all other projects, AAHOP projects shall be consistent with any applicable adopted specific plan, urban village strategy or concept plan, and downtown strategic plan.
(Ord. No. 2913)