When an applicant seeks a density bonus for a housing development that meets the criteria set out in section 16-410H (Cal. Gov’t Code, Section 65915) the affordable housing developer must comply with all of the following requirements:
   (A)   The applicant shall file an application for a density bonus permit in accordance with sections 16-410E and 16-410F that includes a minimum affordable housing component, whether or not the project also requires or has been granted a special use permit or other permits or approvals. (Cal. Gov’t Code, Section 65915(b)(l))
   (B)   State in the application the specific minimum affordable housing component proposed for the housing development. (Cal. Gov’t Code, Section 65915(b)(2))
   (C)   Enter into an agreement with the city or its designee pursuant to section 16-410S to maintain and enforce the affordable housing component of the housing development. (Cal. Gov’t Code, Section 65915(c))
(Ord. No. 2912)