In order to protect the rights of library customers, staff and volunteers, the following activities, that a reasonable person would find disruptive to the normal functions being carried on at the library, are prohibited:
   (A)   Engaging in activities prohibited by law including but not limited to:
      (1)   Cal. Penal Code, Section 415 (Fighting; Causing Loud Noise or Using Offensive Words in a Public Place);
      (2)   Cal. Penal Code, Section 484 (Theft);
      (3)   Cal. Penal Code, Section 490.5 (Theft of Library Books and Materials);
      (4)   Cal. Penal Code, Section 594 (Vandalism);
      (5)   Cal. Penal Code, Section 602.1(b) (Interfering with Library Business);
      (6)   Cal. Penal Code, Section 602q (Refusing or Failing to Leave a Library Building);
      (7)   Cal. Penal Code, Section 647 (Lewd and Dissolute Conduct, Solicitation, Loitering, Public Intoxication);
      (8)   Cal. Education Code, Section 19910 (Maliciously Damaging Library Materials);
      (9)   Cal. Education Code, Section 19911 (Failure to Return Materials After Notice);
      (10)   Cal. Gov’t Code, Section 7597(a) (Smoking Any Tobacco Product Inside a Library Building or Within Twenty-five Feet of a Main Exit, Entrance, or Operable Window of a Library Building), including vaping and cannabis use;
      (11)   Cal. Health and Safety Code, Section 11550 (Under the Influence of a Controlled Substance); and/or
      (12)   Cal. Health and Safety Code, Section 11364(a) (Possession of an Instrument Used for Smoking or Injecting a Controlled Substance).
   (B)   Engaging in any activity or behavior (either oral or physical) that is loud, disruptive, disturbing, offensive, intimidating, threatening, unsafe, or annoying, and which unreasonably interferes with another person's use of any library facility, or with the ability of library staff or volunteers to perform their duties, including creating excessive or unnecessary noise (including cell phone use and headphones); using loud, abusive, threatening, or insulting language; screaming, running, verbal, or physical threats; having body odor constituting a nuisance to other persons; or engaging in any other activity or behavior that unreasonably disturbs and inhibits others from using library buildings, materials, or services;
   (C)   Eating or drinking, including any alcoholic beverage, in unauthorized public areas within any library building;
   (D)   Sleeping, appearing to sleep, lying down, loitering, or interfering with free passage within any library building, at the entrance or exit of any library building;
   (E)   Littering or leaving personal items unattended within any library building or at the entrance or exit of any library building;
   (F)   Leaving a child under the age of 12 unattended within any library building. This prohibition shall not apply to a child's unattended participation in library programs or services;
   (G)   Distributing or posting printed materials, soliciting signatures for petitions, or conducting surveys within any library building;
   (H)   Not using library space, stairways, aisles, furniture, or equipment for its intended purpose (for example, placing one's feet on library desks, tables, or chairs), or otherwise monopolizing (using more than one seat or table space per person) library space, stairways, aisles, doorways, equipment, seating, or tables to the exclusion of other patrons or staff;
   (I)   Moving library furniture or equipment without permission from library staff;
   (J)   Using library building restrooms or water fountains for inappropriate purposes such as loitering, bathing, shampooing, hair processing, doing laundry, changing clothes, shaving, personal hygiene, illegal drug use, and the like;
   (K)   Skateboarding or rollerblading in or about any library facility;
   (L)   Bringing any animal into any library building, with the exception of a service animal accompanying a person with disabilities. As defined, a "service animal" is individually trained to do work or perform tasks for an individual with a disability, including a physical, sensory, psychiatric, intellectual, or other mental disability. The animal's work or tasks must directly relate to the handler's disability. Service animals are expected to be under the control of the owner and leashed at all times;
   (M)   Photographing, audio recording, or filming within any library building without permission from the library manager, except at governmental meetings open to the general public;
   (N)   Leaning on railings or security gates within any library building;
   (O)   Throwing items over railings located within any library building;
   (P)   Failing to wear shoes and garments on the upper and lower torso of the body at all times within any library building;
   (Q)   Entering any library building with firearms or other dangerous weapons, with the exception of those individuals authorized to possess weapons in a local public building or open public meeting pursuant to Cal. Penal Code, Section 171b;
   (R)   Disseminating, downloading, viewing, or printing from public library computers illegal materials including but not limited to obscene or harmful matter as those terms are used in Cal. Penal Code, Sections 313 et seq. and 331 et seq.;
   (S)   (1)   Bringing into the library a bicycle, utility cart, wagon, shopping cart (as defined in section 7-166), or items of a similar size which interfere with patron and staff use and access within the library facility. Wheeled conveyances such as strollers and wheelchairs are only permitted if being used for the transport of a person.
      (2)   Other items that may not be brought into the libraries include, but are not limited to:
         (a)   Skateboards, inline skates, shoes with built-in wheels, collapsible scooters, hover boards, and other similar devices unless carried while on library property;
         (b)   Items including, but not limited to, suitcases, bags, coolers with or without wheels that are collectively larger than 9 inches by 14 inches by 22 inches including handles and wheels;
         (c)   Trailer-like objects that are pushed or towed;
         (d)   Sleeping bags, tarps, bed rolls, mats, blankets, and mattresses; and
         (e)   Televisions and monitors;
   (T)   Using public space to conduct commercial activity;
   (U)   Using public space to conduct group instruction with more than three participants without approval from the library manager;
   (V)   Using more than one library electrical receptacle, allowing charging cords to interfere with aisles, leaving electronic devices unattended, using electronic devices or other personal equipment that is disruptive, noisy, or unsafe;
   (W)   Damaging, removing, altering, or bypassing library software or hardware;
   (X)   Using another person's library card;
   (Y)   Possessing items deemed unsanitary;
   (Z)   Violating a term or condition of a warning notice or an exclusion notice;
   (AA)   Engaging in sexual misconduct such as exposure, threatening touching, or touching; or
   (BB)   Possessing drug paraphernalia or alcoholic beverages.
(Ord. No. 2888, 2955)