(A)   Permanent emergency shelters and emergency shelters for families shall meet the following standards:
      (1)   No shelter patron shall be re-admitted to the same emergency shelter within five days of being discharged after a stay of six months.
      (2)   If site characteristics permit, an enclosed or screened waiting area shall be provided between the on-site intake area for shelter patrons and the public right-of-way in order to prevent queuing within any public right-of-way.
      (3)   Each shelter shall establish hours of operation for patron intake and discharge, patron rules of conduct and procedures for notifying patrons of such hours and rules of conduct.
      (4)   On-site manager/shelter personnel shall be provided during all hours of operation when patrons are present. A designated area for on-site personnel shall be located near the main entry to the shelter for the purpose of controlling admittance and providing security.
      (5)   The emergency shelter operator shall conduct a background check on all prospective patrons using Megan's Law database and restrict patron intake in accordance with State and local registered sex offender residency restrictions.
      (6)   Patrons shall not possess or consume alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs while in the shelter, nor shall they possess weapons of any kind while in the shelter.
      (7)   Space shall be allocated for each patron consisting of a bed and storage area.
      (8)   At least two toilets, one shower and one sink shall be provided for every twenty patrons.
      (9)   A shelter shall be limited to serving no more than the number of patrons allowed by fire or building code occupancy.
      (10)   Off-street parking shall be provided for the on-site manager.
      (11)   Each emergency shelter shall be equipped with exterior security lighting in accordance with section 16-320 of the zoning code. Lighting shall be shielded from all adjacent residential areas.
      (12)   The emergency shelter operator shall maintain an on-site security plan and emergency preparedness plan.
      (13)   All items stored outdoors shall be screened from the view of all public rights-of-way.
      (14)   Should an emergency shelter be proposed within 300 feet of a school, the development services director or designee may request that the developer/sponsor coordinate with the school district to address potential concerns.
(Ord. No. 2864)