A reasonable accommodation shall lapse if the exercise of rights granted by it is discontinued for 30 days. The reasonable accommodation shall remain in effect after that time only if the director makes a written determination that (1) the modification is physically integrated into the residential structure and cannot be easily removed or altered to comply with code, and (2) the accommodation is necessary to allow another, identified, person with a disability to occupy the dwelling unit within 90 days from the date of the director’s determination. Any reasonable accommodation may be revoked by the original decision maker for any violation of this division or the terms or conditions of the reasonable accommodation, or if any law is violated in connection with the use of the reasonable accommodation. The director shall mail notice of intent to revoke a reasonable accommodation that was granted by an administrative permit, and the permittee may request an administrative hearing regarding such action, in accordance with the procedures set forth in article V of chapter 1 of the city code.
(Ord. No. 2848)