(A)   A vendor permit may be revoked or modified or conditions may be imposed for failure of the permittee to comply with applicable laws and regulations, based on matters occurring after the permit is issued or on matters not considered at the time of issuance of the permit that would have authorized denial of the permit or the imposition of conditions on the permit.
   (B)   A city officer or employee may file with the license collector a written request for revocation or modification of a vendor permit, stating facts showing that the permittee failed to comply with applicable laws, regulations or permit conditions. The request shall be accompanied by a written report, stating wherein the permittee has not complied with applicable laws, regulations or permit conditions and recommending that the permit be revoked or in what respect the permit should be modified or conditioned.
   (C)   On receiving the request and report referred to in subdivision (B) of this section, the license collector shall mail to the permittee a notice that the permit is recommended for revocation, modification or conditioning in a specific manner and stating the reasons for that recommendation. The notice shall inform the permittee that the recommendation will be adopted and the permittee will be deemed to concur with the recommendation if the permittee does not make a written request for a hearing as provided in subsection (D) of this section.
   (D)   On receiving the notice referred to in subsection (C) of this section, the permittee may make a written request for a hearing. The request must be received by the license collector within 14 days after the license collector mailed the notice referred to in subsection (C) of this section to the permittee and be accompanied by the hearing fee set by resolution of the city council. The request for hearing shall be attached to a copy of the notice of recommended revocation, modification or conditioning received by the permittee and shall state the reasons that the permittee alleges the notice to be incorrect.
   (E)   The procedures for setting and holding a hearing, rendering decision, and seeking judicial review of the decision shall be as provided in Sec. 11-154(H) through (N), inclusive.
(Ord. No. 2820)