The following attire and physical hygiene requirements shall be applicable to all permittees, massage practitioners, and massage therapists who are employed or retained by or who provide massage therapy at a massage business or establishment described in Cal. Business and Professions Code, Section 4612, subdivision (b), paragraph (1) or at a massage business or establishment owned and/or operated by a permittee:
   (A)   All persons shall be clean and wear clean and sanitary outer garments at all times. All outer garments shall be of a fully opaque, nontransparent material and provide complete covering from at least the mid thigh to two inches below the collarbone. The midriff may not be exposed.
   (B)   All persons shall thoroughly wash their hands with soap and water or any equally effective cleansing agent immediately before providing massage therapy to a customer. No massage therapy shall be provided upon a surface of the skin or scalp of a customer where such skin is inflamed, broken (i.e. abraded, cut), or where a skin infection or eruption is present.
   (C)   No person afflicted with an infection or parasitic infection capable of being transmitted to a customer shall knowingly provide massage therapy to a customer or remain at a massage business or establishment while so infected or infested.
(Ord. No. 2811)