The following facility requirements shall be applicable to all massage businesses and establishments described in Cal. Business and Professions Code, Section 4612, subdivision (b), paragraph (1):
   (A)   Separate, enclosed rooms or cubicles to provide individual space and privacy shall be provided to each customer while massage therapy is administered. Each massage room or cubicle shall contain a wash basin with hot and cold running water, soap or detergent, and a sanitary towel dispenser for use by the massage practitioner, massage therapist, or massage technician.
   (B)   Except where there is no staff available to assure security for massage therapy customers and massage staff who are behind closed doors, no massage therapy may be administered behind locked, closed doors.
   (C)   Minimum lighting in accordance with the city building code and at least one additional artificial light of not less than 40 watts shall be provided in each enclosed massage therapy room or cubicle.
   (D)   Massage tables with a minimum height of 18 inches shall be used for all massage therapy and shall be used only in massage therapy treatment rooms or cubicles. Beds and floor mattresses are not permitted on the premises of the business or establishment.
   (E)   All locker facilities that are provided for the use of customers shall be fully secured for the protection of the customer's valuables, and the customer shall be given control of the key or other means of access.
   (F)   Ventilation shall be in accordance with the city building code.
   (G)   Hot and cold running water and potable drinking water shall be accessible to customers and to staff of the massage business or establishment.
   (H)   Public toilet facilities shall be provided in accordance with the city building code.
   (I)   In each enclosed room or cubicle where massage therapy is administered and in the designated reception or payment area, a sign easily visible to customers shall be posted stating: “THIS MASSAGE ESTABLISHMENT AND THE MASSAGE ROOMS DO NOT PROVIDE COMPLETE PRIVACY AND ARE SUBJECT TO INSPECTION BY CITY, COUNTY, AND/OR HEALTH OFFICIALS WITHOUT PRIOR NOTICE.” Such signs shall be printed with letters that contrast against the background material and measure not less than one-half inch in height.
(Ord. No. 2811, 2823, 2851)