An application for a condominium density bonus permit shall include the following information, whether or not the project also requires or has been granted any other approvals or permits, including the special use permit required by section 16-381:
   (A)   A description of the project, including the number of condominium units, the number of affordable units, and the location of the affordable units;
   (B)   Whether the developer prefers that the city grant a density bonus or provide other incentives of equivalent financial value and if the latter, a description of such incentives, their financial value, and the basis for calculating that value;
   (C)   The proposed sale or rental price of all units, and especially of the affordable units;
   (D)   The proposed method to guarantee that the applicant will establish the sales or rental prices as stated in the proposal;
   (E)   The proposed method and length of time of ensuring for a specified number of years the continued affordability of the affordable units to subsequent purchasers who are persons and families of low and moderate income or lower income households; and
   (F)   Other relevant information requested by city staff.
(`64 Code, Sec. 36-7.15.6)  (Ord. No. 2505, 2789)