(A)   In the case of the simultaneous offering for sale of a group of five or more new houses or improved lots which are under a single ownership and within the final map of single subdivision, the following signs shall be permitted subject to the issuance of a temporary use permit pursuant to sections 16-475 through 16-483.
   (B)  Only subdivision directional signs shall be permitted in locations other than within the subdivision site boundaries.  Subdivision directional signs provide information about travel direction to arrive at the subdivision and display the name of the project and any trademark, insignia or other device identifying the developer.  Subdivision directional signs may be located only on vacant parcels.
   (C)   All subdivision signs, as permitted in this section, shall advertise the sale of houses or lots within the city only.
   (D)   One on-site advertising sign and two off-site subdivision directional signs, subject to all of the following provisions:
      (1)   The signs may be either single- or double-faced.  Vee-shaped signs are not permitted.
      (2)   Neither the horizontal nor the vertical dimension of an on-site advertising sign shall exceed 25 feet, including supporting structures, and the total area of the sign face shall not exceed 210 square feet per side.
      (3)   The maximum area of any sign face of a subdivision directional sign shall not exceed 60 square feet with a maximum vertical dimension of six feet and a horizontal dimension of ten feet.  Such signs shall not exceed a total height of 12 feet above the ground level.
      (4)   No riders are permitted.  Additions, tag signs, streamers, devices, display boards, or appurtenances shall not be added to the signs.
      (5)   A sign approved for a particular subdivision shall not be changed to advertise another subdivision without at least ten days' prior written notice to the director.
      (6)   Signs may be established along, but not within, the right-of-way of any highway, street, or thoroughfare, except such signs may not be established along established and existing freeways which have been designated as freeway routes by the division of highways of the State, or along streets and roads designated as scenic by the city council.
      (7)   Such signs may be maintained until all of the lots in the subdivision have been initially sold, so long as there is an occupied sales office on the site.  Upon discontinuance of use of said sales office facility or the sale of the last lot in the subdivision, whichever comes first, all signs permitted pursuant to this section shall be removed.
   (E)   Where subdivision directional signs are not located within the tract or on property owned by the subdivider, approval of such directional signs shall be at the discretion of the director.  The subdivider shall submit to the director the written approval of the owner of the property on which the directional sign is to be located.
   (F)   (1)   Prior to erecting any subdivision sign authorized by a temporary use permit the subdivider shall deposit with the director cash in the amount of $250 per sign.  The subdivider shall also file a written statement from the property owner authorizing erection of the sign and further authorizing both the applicant and city staff to go onto the property to remove the sign.
      (2)   If a sign for which a temporary use permit is granted is not removed by the subdivider or property owner upon expiration of the period of time stated in the temporary use permit, the director shall declare that the cash deposit is forfeited, and city shall remove the sign.  If a sign for which a temporary use permit is granted is removed within the time stated in the use permit, the director shall return the cash deposit to the subdivider.
   (G)   During the sale of houses in a subdivision, one feature sign and one model home sign identifying the particular model, not exceeding two feet by three feet in size and three flags on each lot on which a model home is located and which fronts on an interior road shall be permitted.  Such signs shall not exceed three feet in height and shall not be located closer than ten feet from any property line.
(`64 Code, Sec. 34-189)  (Ord. No. 1573, 1633)