Only the following signs are permitted in the C-1 zone:
   (A)   The total aggregate sign area of all signs permitted pursuant to this section shall not exceed ½ square foot of sign area for each lineal foot on the principal street frontage.  If two or more businesses are located upon a parcel of property, the permissible sign area shall be divided as follows:  the total aggregate sign area for each business entity shall not exceed one square foot of sign area for each lineal foot of building frontage on its principal street, except that a minimum of ten  square feet shall be permitted for any business regardless of frontage.
   (B)   Window signs shall not cover more than 20 percent of any window.
   (C)   Attached building signs shall not project above any portion of the wall upon which they are displayed.  Signs attached to the face of the canopy shall be parallel to the building and shall not project above the top of the canopy.
   (D)   Free-standing signs are not permitted.
   (E)   A sign not more than 30 inches in height attached to the fascia of a hip or gable roof overhang if such overhang is 30 inches or more and parallel to a public street.
   (F)   One unlighted sign not more than six square feet in area per side pertaining only to the sale or lease of the property or premises upon which displayed, provided that such sign shall not be located closer than ten feet to any property line.
   (G)   Subdivision signs as permitted in section 16-612.
   (H)   Nonilluminated or backlighted ground signs subject to the following conditions:
      (1)   Sign area shall be as determined in subsection (A) above, but shall not exceed a total permitted sign area of 20 square feet.
      (2)   For businesses not located in a shopping center, one ground sign shall be permitted for any parcel having 100 lineal feet or more of continuous street frontage.
      (3)   For businesses located in a shopping center, one ground sign is permitted for each street frontage on different streets if each frontage is 100 lineal feet or more.
      (4)   Sign height shall not exceed 42 inches measured from the average grade within six feet of the sign.
      (5)   Ground signs shall be located within the center 80 percent of the property frontage as measured from the side property lines.  On a corner lot, the 80 percent may be measured with the corner representing the center of the property, at the option of the owner.
(`64 Code, Sec. 34-185)  (Ord. No. 1573, 1861)