SEC. 16-489.  CO-LOCATION.
   (A)   Wireless communications providers are encouraged to construct and site their wireless communications facilities with a view towards sharing such facilities with other providers, to co-locate with existing wireless communications facilities, and to accommodate the future co-location of other wireless communications facilities.
   (B)   City staff shall work with wireless communications providers to facilitate the siting of wireless communications facilities on publicly owned property, by identifying existing wireless communications facilities, the appropriate contact persons, and the appropriate procedures.
   (C)   Wireless communications providers proposing a new wireless communications facility having a support structure shall demonstrate that a reasonable attempt was made to find a co-location site meeting engineering standards and that none was practically or economically feasible.  Evidence submitted to demonstrate that no existing tower or structure can accommodate the applicant's proposed antenna may consist of any of the following:
      (1)   No existing towers located within the geographic area meet applicant's engineering requirements.
      (2)   Existing towers are not of sufficient height to meet applicant's engineering requirements.
      (3)   Existing towers do not have sufficient structural strength to support applicant's proposed antennae and related equipment, or cannot be reinforced or modified to accommodate applicant's proposed antennae and related equipment at a reasonable cost.
      (4)   Applicant's proposed antennae would cause electromagnetic interference with antennae on existing towers, or antennae on existing towers would cause interference with applicant's proposed antennae.
      (5)   Fees, costs or contractual provisions required by the owner in order to share an existing tower or structure or to adapt an existing tower for sharing are unreasonable.  Costs exceeding new tower development are presumed to be unreasonable.
      (6)   There are other limiting factors that render existing towers unsuitable.
   (D)   Wherever feasible, wireless communication facilities and antennae shall be co-located on existing towers.  Written documentation shall be presented to the manager that the owner of the property where the wireless communication facility is to be located has agreed to this requirement.  This subsection shall not apply to stealth antennae.
   (E)   Wireless communication facility owners shall not exclude other related wireless communications services from co-locating on the same tower if the tower is structurally and technically able to support such services.
   (F)   Wherever feasible, transmitting and receiving equipment serving similar kinds of uses shall be placed on the same wireless communication facility so that all users with similar equipment can operate approximately equally.
(`64 Code, Sec. 34-234)  (Ord. No. 2449)