SEC. 16-389.  FINDINGS.
   Before approving an application for a special use permit to convert apartments to a community housing project, the commission shall find that:
   (A)   All provisions of this article are met;
   (B)   The proposed conversion is consistent with the general plan;
   (C)   The proposed conversion will conform to the code in effect at the time of tentative map approval, except as otherwise provided in this article;
   (D)   The overall design and physical condition of the proposed community housing project substantially meets the city's design criteria to achieve a good appearance, high quality and high degree of safety;
   (E)   The proposed conversion will not displace a significant percentage of low and moderate income or senior citizen tenants, and will not delete a significant number of low and moderate income rental units from the city's housing stock;
   (F)   The project as approved or conditionally approved will meet all mandatory development standards and will substantially comply with the adopted advisory standards for new condominium construction, which standards are in effect at the time of approval; and
   (G)   Each dwelling unit provides a reasonable level of safety, convenience and amenities for owner-occupied residences.
(`64 Code, Sec. 34-229)  (Ord. No. 1805)