An application for conversion of an apartment shall include a tentative subdivision map if required by State law, a development plan consisting of all materials normally required for a special use permit, and the following information in a form established by the director:
   (A)   A report on the physical elements of all structures and facilities, detailing the structural condition of all elements of the property including foundations, electrical, plumbing, utilities, walls, ceilings, windows, recreational facilities, sound transmission of each building, mechanical equipment, parking facilities, and appliances.  Regarding each such element, the report shall state, to the best knowledge or estimate of the applicant, when such element was built; the condition of each element; when such element was replaced; the approximate date upon which such element will require replacement; the cost of replacing such element; and any variation of the physical condition of such element from the city’s current building and zoning ordinances and those that were in effect on the date that the last building permit was issued for the subject structure.  The report shall identify any defective or unsafe elements and set forth the proposed corrective measures.
   (B)   A report from a licensed structural pest control operator, approved by the city, on each structure and each unit within the structure.
   (C)   A statement of repairs and improvements to be made by the subdivider necessary to refurbish and restore the project to achieve good appearance and safety.
   (D)   Any declaration of covenants, conditions and restrictions and/or organizational documents which would apply to any owners of the units within the community housing project.  The declaration or organizational documents shall include, but not be limited to, procedures or requirements for conveyance of units; the assignment of parking; an agreement for common area maintenance, including facilities and landscaping; an estimate of any initial assessment fees anticipated for such maintenance of all vehicular access areas within the project; and an assignment of appropriate responsibilities for maintenance of all utility lines and services for each unit.
   (E)   Specific information concerning the characteristics of the project, including but not limited to the following:
      (1)   Square footage and number of rooms in each unit;
      (2)   Names and addresses of all tenants.
   (F)   Proof of service to each tenant of the notice to convert as specified in section 16-387.
   (G)   Any other information which, in the opinion of the director, will assist in determining whether the proposed project will be consistent with the purposes of this article.
(`64 Code, Sec. 34-222)  (Ord. No. 1805)