A fence or wall, no portion of which exceeds seven feet in height as measured from the grade of the enclosed lot at the fence or wall, or a hedge, maintained so as not to exceed seven feet in height, also so measured, may be located along side or rear lot lines subject to the following exceptions:
   (A)   No fence, wall or hedge shall be located in a required front or side yard, except as provided in section 16-308.
   (B)   No portion of any fence, wall or hedge located in the side yard required along the side street on a corner lot, or in the portion of a rear yard abutting an intersecting street wherein accessory buildings are prohibited, shall exceed six feet in height, measured from the grade of the sidewalk or the grade of the street if there is no sidewalk.
   (C)   Any rear fence or wall along any alley shall be so constructed as to provide a space in the rear yard, not less than six feet in width, 30 inches in depth and four feet in height, for the location of trash barrels off of the public alley.  Such space shall be open to the alley and shall be so designed and constructed that it will be easily accessible directly from the rear yard, for the deposit of trash in barrels placed within the space.  If another area within the rear yard meets the above requirements, it shall not be necessary to incorporate such a space for trash barrels into the fence or wall.
   (D)   Gates and doors on rear fences shall not open over the alley, but shall be designed to open over the owner's property.
(`64 Code, Sec. 34-22)  (Ord. No. 555)