(A)   Zone height maximums and measurement - Except as provided in this section, no building shall be erected, reconstructed or structurally altered to exceed the height limit established for the zone in which such building is located.  The building height shall be measured from the top of the average curb elevation of the adjacent principal public street.
   (B)   Public or semi-public buildings - Publicly or semi-publicly owned or leased buildings, schools, hospitals, churches, or institutions may exceed the height limit of the individual zones and erect such buildings to a height not to exceed the lesser of six stories or 75 feet, provided a special use permit is obtained.  In granting special use permit, the required front, side and rear yards shall be increased an additional one foot for each four feet of height over the permitted 35 feet for the proposed building.
   (C)   Through lots - A through lot is a noncorner lot which is adjacent to two public streets and located between two separate lots.  On through lots, the height of a building may be measured from the average curb elevation of either street.
   (D)   Top structures and freestanding structures - Penthouses or roof structures for the housing of elevators, stairways, tanks, ventilating fans or similar equipment required to operate and maintain the building, and fire or parapet walls, skylights, towers, flagpoles, chimneys, smokestacks, or similar structures related to buildings and uses in commercial or industrial zones may be erected above the height limits prescribed in this code, but no penthouse or roof structure, or any space above the height limit shall be allowed for the purpose of providing additional floor space.
   (E)   Exceptions to height limits - Transmitting or receiving antennas may be permitted to exceed height limits subject to the following provisions:
      (1)   Residential zones - Satellite television receiving antennas shall not exceed an overall height of 15 feet above grade.  Other television antennas, whether freestanding, attached, or roof-mounted shall not exceed a height of 30 feet above the roof ridge of the dwelling.  Radio antennas (e.g., citizens band or amateur radio) shall not exceed an overall height of 75 feet above grade.
      (2)   Commercial and industrial zones - The height limits for such television and radio antennas in commercial zones shall be the same as that for building structures within the zone except as may be otherwise permitted by approval of a special use permit.
(`64 Code, Sec. 34-8)  (Ord. No. 1908, 2152, 2539)