The following uses shall be permitted only on approval of a special use permit as provided in sections 16-530 to 16-553:
   (A)   Agricultural processing of a temporary or seasonal nature;
   (B)   Cemeteries;
   (C)   Congregate living health facilities of seven to 15 beds; except that such facilities shall not be allowed in the airport hazard overlay zone;
   (D)   Churches;
   (E)   Oil drilling sites;
   (F)   Private or parochial schools, including asylums and other schools of a correctional nature;
   (G)   Public schools-elementary, junior high, high school and colleges;
   (H)   Public utility structures;
   (I)   Quarries;
   (J)   Riding academies;
   (K)   Summer camps;
   (L)   Swap meet, provided that the use is incidental to a primary use, such as a school, church or similar institutional use.
   (M)   Police or fire stations;
   (N)   Signs, as permitted in article IX of this chapter;
   (O)   One single-family residence per lot;
   (P)   Farmworker housing;
   (Q)   Mobile homes used as temporary housing for a caretaker or ranch foreman on parcels of not less than 40 acres, where an employee is on the property for a substantial portion of each day for vital functions, or protection from vandalism;
   (R)   Sale of agricultural products grown off the premises; and
   (S)   Similar uses of an open or temporary use.
(`64 Code, Sec. 34-103.2)  (Ord. No. 1713, 1788, 2561, 2671, 2864, 2873, 2961)