(A)   All stores, shops or businesses in a C-1 zone shall be retail establishments selling new merchandise only.  All shops secondary to the convenience market shall be no larger than 1,500 square feet of gross floor area unless a special use permit grants additional gross floor area.  All sales or storage shall be conducted within a totally enclosed building, except for service stations.
   (B)   The following uses only are permitted in the C-1 zone provided such uses do not sell alcoholic beverages for consumption on or off the premises:
      (1)   Bakery or doughnut shop employing not more than five persons on premises;
      (2)   Barber shop or beauty shop;
      (3)   Bicycle repair shop, employing not more than five persons on premises;
      (4)   Candy, nut, confectionary store;
      (5)   Car wash (nonmechanical or self-service);
      (6)   Convenience market;
      (7)   Embroidery, sewing notions shop;
      (8)   Gift shop;
      (9)   Grocery, fruit or vegetable store;
      (10)   Ice cream shop;
      (11)   Laundry and dry cleaning establishments;
      (12)   Meat markets or delicatessen store;
      (13)   Pharmacies engaged primarily in selling pharmaceutical medical supplies;
      (14)   Shoe repair store;
      (15)   Soft drink fountain;
      (16)   Stationery store;
      (17)   Accessory buildings and uses customarily incidental to any of the above uses, subject to the approval of the director; and
      (18)   Accessory signs as permitted herein.  No freestanding sign shall be permitted.
(`64 Code, Sec. 34-73)  (Ord. No. 1565, 1716, 2565)